Ministering Grace and Charity

Extremely blessed are the compassionate because they shall receive compassion.


The mission of DeafCare is to alleviate the effects of poverty and co-dependency in the Deaf Community. We endeavour to minister while maintaining our cultural and linguistic uniqueness. See next section for more information about who we minister to.

Food and Clothes

Education and Workshop

Hospital and Prison Visit


Deaf Community Centre

Auslan Class (non-accredited)

Who We Are

In DeafCare, lowercase "deaf" refer to hearing loss generally and capital "Deaf" refer to a minority group who used Auslan and celebrate Deaf Culture


DeafCare is a registered charity committed to provide cultural, social and learning environment for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. It was established under the auspice of Signs Church.

DeafCare is managed by a team of volunteers (Deaf and Hearing) who embrace Christian value of charity and grace as taught in the Word of God.

We endeavour to serve the Deaf Community in Auslan (Australian Sign Language). Auslan is a language used everyday by Deaf people. Because of this, DeafCare is in a best position to serve.

We endeavour to serve all members of Deaf Community - Deaf, Hard of Hearing who use Auslan, Deaf-blind, Deaf with other disabilities, Aged Deaf and Families of Deaf child.

Contact Details

  •   0407583205 (text only)
  •   1 Kraatz Avenue. Loganlea QLD 4131