Hiring Terms and Conditions

The Hirer is to pay the fee and/or bond shown on the quote and make payment within 28 days of booking the hall, with a minimum of 7 days in advance of the booking, in order to secure the booking.


The security bond will be returned up to 14 working days after the event, provided the Terms and Conditions are adhered to, the key has been returned and no damage to the hall is reported.


Use of the hired area/s, including set-up, pack-up and clean-up is only provided during the booked hours and sufficient time must be allocated within the booking for these


If the Hirer is found to be at the facility outside of their booked times will be found to be in breach of this agreement and charged for the additional use.


The Hirer must ensure there is no smoking inside the hall or in playground areas. Any persons smoking outside the building must be at least 10 metres from doors and windows of the building, preventing smoke entering the hall.


The Hirer must ensure the hall is clean and left in a tidy condition before vacating the facility at the end of the time of hire. This includes sweeping and mopping floors, wiping down furniture and, where the facility includes a kitchen, wiping the bench tops, wiping the stove and other equipment, emptying and cleaning the dishwasher and removing all foodstuffs from the fridge and freezer.


Hirers must remove all rubbish and bottles from the facility at the end of the time of hire unless a waste levy is paid (where required) sufficient to dispose of all rubbish in the allocated bin space. Any rubbish that does not fit in the bins it to be removed by the hirer and disposed of at their own cost.


The Hirer is responsible for setting up, clearing down and packing away all tables and chairs. All tables and chairs must be returned to the areas that they are retrieved from.


Hirers who are found to be falsely stating the nature of their event may be subject to booking cancellation and forfeiture of the security bond.


Hirers are responsible for turning off facility lighting, securing all windows and doors before vacating the hall at the end of the time of hire. DeafCare reserves the right to recover costs from The Hirer if any damage or loss occurs as a result of failure to secure the facility.


The Hirer must pay any costs incurred for cleaning, repairing or replacing any part of the premises, its fixtures, fittings or equipment damaged or destroyed during the hire period. These costs will be automatically deducted from the security bond and an invoice raised for any costs above and beyond this figure. We encourage all hirers to take photographic evidence of the facility pre and post hire to assist in determining the condition of the premises.


Access instructions are to be used by the Hirer only and not passed on to any third parties. The Hirer is to return the keys for the hall (if issued) to  DeafCare at the earliest opportunity on the next business day following the hire period. In the event the keys are lost, DeafCare will invoice the Hirer as per the pricing policy to recover the costs of replacing keys and change of locks if required.


The Hirer accepts full responsibility for any loss or damage to any personal property (including money, jewelry and credit cards); and property on hire or loan, which is in the facility in connection with or because of its hire.


The Hirer accepts responsibility for the facility grounds and surrounding environment, as the bond also covers these areas when hiring the hall. All rubbish from the function must be removed from the surrounding grounds and gardens.


The Hirer accepts full responsibility for damage or injuries to third parties (outside the group) as a result of willful misconduct by the Hirer or a member of the group.


The Hirer accepts responsibility for ensuring that members of the hire group not engage in illegal activities whilst at the hall and agrees to cover any remedial costs that result from such activities should they occur.


Cancellation Fees – the full usage fee will be charged for bookings cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice. Fifty percent of the usage fee will be refunded for bookings cancelled with 48 hours to one week’s notice and 75 percent of the usage fee will be refunded for booking cancelled with 1 to 2 week’s notice.


All hazards and/or incidents must be promptly reported to DeafCare by emailing bookings@deafcare.org.au


Any breach of the above terms entitles DeafCare to terminate the agreement and to require the immediate vacating of the hall.


DeafCare shall be entitled to apply the whole or any part of the bond to remedy any breach of this agreement and demand from the Hirer any balance owing to it on behalf of DeafCare, if the bond is insufficient to meet the cost of remedy.


The Hirers must provide public liability insurance for a minimum sum insured of $10,000,000 as well as a policy for loss or damage to any property brought to or left at the facility. The public liability insurance policy must indemnify DeafCare.


Special Attention



There is a strict no smoking policy for all Hall facilities (including kitchen and bathrooms).


No alcohol is to be brought onto or consumed on the premises or the immediate surroundings including the car parks.